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University of Oxnard University is a prominent distance learning university offering accredited degree programs for students and working professionals around the globe.

Globally Accepted &

Recognized Quality of Education

Oxnard University of California, a name of quality and standards, recognized not just in the USA but globally accepted standards of education. At OUC we provide our students with learning experience that is personalized and is flexible to adapt with their own pace and lifestyle. Excel in your career progression without the hassle of sacrificing your education to match your career pace. OUC is accredited and affiliated through various renowned educational and accreditation bodies to ensure our programs are of highest quality.

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An apostille is a professional certificate provided by the secretary of the State. This certificate is attached to confirm the legitimacy and authentic of the documents, in order to make your documents recognized with the member countries of The Hague Apostille Convention.

In all US States it is mandatory to get the authorization of documents, certifications, or consulate legalization through various authorities to uphold professional online learning standards and value for national as well as international students.

To maintain distance education standardization and ensure quality for all students registered either in the United States or international students registered with US based universities, the document authentication, certification, and consulate legalization is required in all 50 states in US through recognized bodies.

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American Higher Education Commission is an independent, voluntary, nonprofit membership organization which connects and serves over 1500 public, independent, and international schools in the US and worldwide. For decades, American HEC has been working to establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education. Known as a globally recognized standard of excellence, American HEC Accreditation attests to an institutions high quality and integrity.

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CDESQA is an independent not for profit Council for Distance Education Standardization and Quality Assurance officially recognized by national governments verifying and establishing quality standards. We provide quality standards all around the world against the assessment of legitimate verification. Their standards are solely based on integrity and compliance which is acceptable globally.

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Our curriculum, degree programs, diplomas and certification programs undergo a rigorous assessment procedure. Our expert faculty and staff assess and evaluate, then craft each program keeping in mind the cost, flexibility, course quality, convenience and learning graphs of diverse students across the globe


Our accreditation acts as a security shield for our students that sets our university apart from the industry, which makes us shine through and distinct us through our quality, expert instructors, educational plans and other academic administrations.


Accreditation not just differentiates our university but also authenticates the degree which is pursued by our students so that they are accepted by prospective employers or educational institutes for further experience


Furthermore, accreditation and legalization also adds to academic excellence of an institution, improves overall educational quality, gives certainty to other institutions too making us more credible in educational realm