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University of Oxnard University is a prominent distance learning university offering accredited degree programs for students and working professionals around the globe.

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Associate of Arts Degree Program

educational realm, along with well-defined and accredited courses which permits you to understand and excel in the field, both academically and professionally. Our degree programs cover and satisfies all aspects of educational nitty gritty; famous for using the most technologically advanced online education system ever. Pace your future by getting inducted by the top employers in the country with our accredited degree programs.


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Associate Degree in Arts

The average income of a graduate in associate degree of arts is $53,700 annually, which is three times more than an individual with no official qualification, therefore, an average student enrolled in (Associate Degree in Arts) incorporates the comprehensive educational requisites. With the carefully crafted programs and courses, our students not just learn the fundamentals of the field, but also, they unlock their future of getting a high-earning job too. Our accredited educational programs are widely recognized across the globe, providing our students the best opportunities in career.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    High school diploma, GED or equiv. international education

  • Duration

    1 Year (Self-Paced)

  • Credit Hours

    69 - 90

  • Tuition Fee

    $7,500 - $9000

  • Courses

    10 - 14


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    Financial Aid

    OUC offers $6 million each year to the deserving students in form of financial aids.

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    Flexible Payment Plans

    We understand paying for your tuition can be overwhelming and therefore, offer flexible payment schedules.

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    Student Counselors

    Our student counselors are available for you to discuss your educational goals and issues.