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University of Oxnard University is a prominent distance learning university offering accredited degree programs for students and working professionals around the globe.

Save Your Time and Money

Avail Credit Transfer Facility and Lessen your Tuition Fee

Submit your credit transfer documents as proof and get your credits transferred to Oxnard University of California. The transferred credits enable you to fast-pace your degree so that you don’t have to attempt the credits that you have already completed and it also impacts your tuition fee. We thoroughly analyze and verify your documents; then grant you credits as per your credit transfer category. As per standard [procedure and policy of our university, students have to complete 30 credit hours by completing community credits in a non-traditional setting. This is practiced to enhance and upgrade a student’s competency and to enable them to be language proficient, subject proficient, or to fast pace their learnings.

Language proficiency course credits are then included in the overall program, they can be studied along with the courses so that you score maximum score in your self-paced programs. Usually, it takes about three to six months to complete 30 credit hours. You are asked to complete your community credit first which marks your eligibility in your thesis, research, and to practice credit hours or any equivalency process in a traditional mode of education. The next step is that you are supposed to complete 5 to 10 short courses during your program where the length of your stay in the USA will depend on whether you are preferring to stay in the semester for campus credit or traveling back and forth.

Here are the possible

Credits that Can be Moved

  • Work Experience

  • Military Service

  • Professional Training

  • College Credits


Defend your Thesis

The university can invite you to visit the United States of America to defend your research papers/thesis in front of the jury. Furthermore, you will be given an ample amount of references for publication authorities that may publish your research work internationally and will be responsible for its promotion.

On-Campus Transfer

As stated in our policies if any student wishes to transfer their distance learning program to a campus-based module, the university invites such candidates to come to the USA and study at campus in different States under the on-campus credit transfer program.

Credit Equivalency

In case an alumnus or a recent graduate considers earning a credential from any state-listed university to bring more value to his portfolio or resume, the university allows a hassle-free process for credit transfer and equivalence through credit by credit and course by course methodology. At Oxnard University, we aim to provide the best opportunities to our students for them to acquire an enviable career where they may utilize the knowledge that they have acquired through our experienced faculty which may prove to be an appreciating asset for a lifetime.

Complete Practical Hours

In case an applicant wants to study traditionally on campus, we allow them to re-register from being an online student to being an on-campus one by fulfilling small formalities and paperwork. The university invites them to study in the United States of America and live the American dream, also if someone has completed their education through the distance learning medium and has few practical assignments due to the majors/courses, therefore an invitation is provided to visit the USA to complete practical hours.

Job Fare and Job Refferal

At Oxnard University we believe in the quality of the human resource, we, therefore, provide great opportunities according to our credence to our alumni for an enviable career through commencing job referrals and placement programs, we also invite the alumni to their graduation ceremonies and Job Fares for them to meet exciting employers and opportunity.

Exchanging Your Work Experience
into Credits!

Pace Up Your Degree!

A valuable PLA assessment will award you credit toward the online education program you have requested for.


Military Credits

With military credits facility; veteran, on-duty, or a military spouse can pursue their education whether it is to improve military or civilian career goals.


Transfer Credits

Students that are studying in reputable institutions internationally can get their credits transferred to OUC University and continue their education.

Professional Learning Evaluations

OUC evaluates your licenses and corporate training programs to transfer them into credits. Get your training evaluated if it includes:

  • Corporate trainings
  • Professional licenses
  • Industry learning
  • Apprenticeship
  • Professional licenses
  • Technical courses

Life Experience

To get your life experience assessed with Sample University for credits, submit an experiential essay on one of the following approved topics:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Interdisciplinary-electives
  • Health Sciences
  • Legal & Law
  • Social Sciences
  • Science/technology