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University of Oxnard University is a prominent distance learning university offering accredited degree programs for students and working professionals around the globe.

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At OUC University,

Oxnard University Escalate Passion and Strive to Provide Affordable Education for All

We encourage our students to pursue their educational dreams, to make that possible we have crafted several financial aid programs so that they can attain a loan-free degree. If you have a passion for education, we make it our duty to help you pursue your dream. We cherry-pick our bright students who have been proving their value by their academic excellence and equip them with skillsets that make them shine better in their educational paths and eventually leading to a bright career ahead.

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Oxnard University of California

Financial Aid Program for Disabled Students

We believe in the inclusivity of people with all differences, we provide them the opportunity to make a positive impact in their academic life and career. You are eligible for our financial aid program if:

  • • You have some physical condition recognized as a disability
  • • You are a national of an under-developed country
  • • You belong to a low-income slab which is recognized by the government of the USA.
  • • Belong to a low income socioeconomic background as recognized by the government of the United States

Financial Aid Programs for Research

Oxnard University provides research-based financial aid to encourage our students to contribute more to their academics and the country through their valuable researches.

Military-Based Financial Aid Programs

We honor our heroes, and as gratitude, we provide financial aid programs for our on-duty and retired veterans, =granting them massive discounts on their tuition fees.

Merit-Based Financial Aid Programs

We appreciate talent, we encourage students to secure better grades and receive financial aid for their merit-based achievements at Oxnard University.



Oxnard University of California is recognized and known for our amazing academic scholarship programs which provide massive relief to the tuition fee of our students. The criteria for attaining these scholarships are on a grade-point average system, class ranking, and student’s scores on their SATs (Standardized Admissions Tests). The scholarships we provide are directly reflected on the tuition fee of our students and are directly proportional to the merit. Not just its impact on the fee, students who achieve academic scholarships can add this achievement to their resume for a brighter kick-start to their career.


Minority-Based Scholarships

Oxnard maintains a diverse culture in the institution, which is reflected and shaped by our students across the globe from different ethnicities and cultures. To encourage diversity, we provide scholarships for minorities which is determined by the nationality of the students. Some scholarships are open for all minority groups while some are designed specifically for some ethnic groups.


Scholarships for Athletes

The most recognized and chosen option for the scholarship is the one for athletes. Students compete every semester to get this scholarship by demonstrating their level of ability in sports of their own choice. Our staff cherry-picks the students for this scholarship after evaluating their statistics and performance in sports.


Scholarships for Women

There are scholarships specifically designed to benefit women and encourage the itinerary of women empowerment. These scholarships do more than just providing financial aid for college, they can also provide a pathway to women into the worlds of business, science, politics, engineering, and much more.


Scholarships for Creativity

The United States of America reflects the true meaning of modernism and art in life. Oxnard University of California provides this amazing opportunity to our brilliantly creative students. Our students compete and submit their artwork and projects to attain this particular scholarship.


Scholarships for Community & Military Service

Students who are giving back to the society and community without any personal interest of their own are the students who receive this scholarship with us. If you have been active in community services, accomplished or participated in civic services, this it’s the scholarship program for you.



Note: The financial aid program has no limits in terms of the academic program you are opting.



It is requisite for the student to meet at least one of the mentioned eligibility criteria:

01 Must be enrolled in one of the programs at Oxnard University of California

02 Have an extraordinary academic background i.e. test scores, CGPA & high grades

03 Students affianced with community service and extra-curricular activities are preferred


Statistics of OUC

  • 52%

    of entire financial aid programs is presented under ‘the teacher of the year’ financial aid program.

  • 62%

    of OUC university students obtain a financial aid program while studying at the institute.

  • $3 Million

    of the total financial aid, program fund is allocated to research students at the OUC university.

  • 250+

    OUC financial aid programs are spread out to students coming from over 100 countries.


Financial Aid Program Achievers


Master's in Performing Arts

Cannot thank enough to Oxnard University of California for making me able to demonstrate my creativity and art skills to the world. Pursuing my degree was never possible for me if I wasn’t eligible for the Scholarship for Creative People. I truly appreciate my faculty, it's because of them only that I have achieved this much in my life today.


Master's in Education

The financial Aid program of Oxnard is the reason behind my success in life, I am teaching at Oxnard University of Education after completing my master's in Education with the help of my esteemed faculty and the administration and not to mention the scholarship which I received for my research. My efforts and my dreams were made possible by my university.


Master's in Social Sciences

I never thought I would be pursuing my higher studies due to the third world issues in my country, Oxnard allowed me to pursue my degree, and that too by granting me a scholarship based on my county issues. I pursued my degree online and never for a minute felt a difference in treatment by the faculty or the fellow students that made me feel included.