OXNARD UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Visitors Center is closed until further notice. Classes are planned to continue virtually for the upcoming term. International students have been reassured that taking online classes does not affect their visa status See updates on our coronavirus response



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Being a global pandemic has left an impact on everything around us and will continue to bring about major changes in our lives. OUC has also introduced a shift in their policies to adapt to the alterations the world is on.

Oxnard University of California

already running ahead of time - University life Post-Covid-19.

Considering the strong network of global community OUC has, border restrictions due to lockdown and another travel crisis amid this pandemic has not affected students living here in OUC. Universities have now adopted the policy of going online, whereas OUC has always made the life of its student easier by promoting online education.

The Lethal Inequity of Coronavirus

Microbiologists have researched and disseminate the information regarding the catastrophes brought by the little creatures on the earth. Viruses are supposed to be the ultimate equal opportunity offenders for Human Being since the creation of this world -They’re just looking for a host to survive. Why, then, have inequities become magnified during the coronavirus pandemic?

The Impact of COVID-19 on National and Global Security

Since the first case has been reported of Coronavirus in 2019, the bar of economy is going down persistently. With economic fallout continuing amid an ongoing global public health crisis, we wondered: how are global power dynamics and military strategies being affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

The Great Power Competition and Covid-19

Visible US forces are needed to deter Russia and China from overt aggression and lower-level efforts to undermine the US-led international order. The problem is that COVID-19 makes it difficult to maintain ready forces. Pandemics encourage militaries to stand down, just as they encourage people to stay home.

Corona Virus and the Global Helping Hands for Developing Economies

The entire global community is now facing the unprecedented triple crisis of a global health pandemic, economic recession and global financial meltdown – and the fates of rich and poor countries have never been so intertwined. Poor is becoming poorer and hence the world is facing a great turmoil in economic sense.

COVID 19 – A Global Bail Out

The International Monetary Fund announced it would make US$50 billion available to low-income and emerging market economies. And the World Bank and IMF are encouraging their members to place a moratorium on foreign debt payments by African countries.

Corona Virus and the Lasting Environmental Progress

While the cause for this pandemic isn’t something anyone would have chosen, one of the results appears to have been a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Whether or not this drop is long-lasting or sustainable is yet to be known. We can say that it is impacting the world in negative yet positive ways.