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University of Oxnard University is a prominent distance learning university offering accredited degree programs for students and working professionals around the globe.


With OUC Dual Enrollment Program, Enroll for a Fast-Paced Degree Program

Oxnard University of California provides dual enrollment options for our students, this program allows high school students to enroll in college courses using credits before their graduation. Dual enrollment course classes are offered both in traditional and online settings. The difference between dual credit and dual enrollment is that the coursework done in dual enrollment classes does not meet any high school graduation requirements, only college credit is earned. In the case of dual credits high schools are limited to what class classes they can offer but for dual enrollment, colleges are not bound. Furthermore, dual enrollment classes are open to all qualified high school students and home-schooled students whereas dual credit courses are only offered to enroll high school students.

Reduce Your University Fees

What Are the Benefits of Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment allows our students to earn college credit while they are still in high school. The college credit they have earned can be transferred to Oxnard University of California, saving both their time and money

  • Dual enrollment classes are college classes taught by college faculty.
  • Exposing students to college-level courses and easing the transition from high school to college
  • Students can enroll in any course, as long as the prerequisites are met
Dual Enrollment Services

For International Students of OUC

We believe in assisting every student to get an updated knowledge, no matter what level of education they are in. OUC helps students to pursue their goals faster!


High School Integration

At OUC, we make sure to facilitate our students in how OUC’s online dual enrollment can integrate into their high school schedule.


Associate Degree Program

Earn an associate-level degree while completing your high school course requirement. This great opportunity will help you get a job opportunity faster.


Organizational Skills

When you are on the road to complete your high school an additional course program will help you attain organizational skills ahead of time.


For International Students

Our LMS helps our international students to track their online courses, register for classes, find important dates to mark their calendars, and obtain their transcripts.